Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weekly (monthly?) Roundup pt. 2

So continuing with the monthly roundup...

First up is Baby Blues, first with a section from bugsyblacklab:

and here it is with its latest section from wyominggal:

Halloween was knit on by marleyjean:

as well as pinnut:

Bugsyblacklab shared a picture of Peppermint:

as did suehling:

Here's Peter Pan II after bugsyblacklab's needles

and then after suehling got done with it:

We have three pictures of White Christmas.  First section by wyominggal:

Followed by pinnut's section:

Followed by wyogg's section:

And lastly, here's Melon-Calling Baby courtesy of bugsyblacklab:


and pinnut:

Until next week!

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