Friday, December 31, 2010

With Apologies... (pt. 3)

How's that stamina? We're almost there! Now let's take a look at the beautiful new blankets our fabulous knitters have started.

Hularac is sending us some island and Elvis vibes in Blue Hawaii:

Pinnut is helping us start the new year with Rose Petals:

And Spring Fling:

Sorry about the delay, once again. We've done a wonderful job this year, and I can't wait to see the amazing blankets for 2011. Happy New Year!!

With Apologies... (pt. 2)

Ready for more? Of course you are! We only have two, but they definitely deserve their own post, what with them being some of the last ones to be completed in 2010!

First we have Key Lime Pie. We don't yet have a picture of the completed blanket, but here's a little reminder of what it looks like:

Knitters on this preemie blanket were:

mamapaulsel (border)

And here's Corn Maze. First, after pinnut's section:

And now with kae1craft's beautiful, popcorn-inspired border:

Knitters on this blanket were:


Now let's go see our newest blankets!

With Apologies...

I offer the last and much belated (I'm really sorry about that) update for 2010. Since there's a lot to share, I'm breaking it down into three posts: current, finished and new blankets.

Let's start off with the current!

Courtesy of krismorales, here's Baby Blueboy:

Followed by Baby Sparkler via Dimpledapple:

Next is Confetti with pictures from baichri and pinnut:

Pinnut brings us the latest picture of Falling Colors:

Two pictures of Mossy Delight, courtesy of bailchri and Dimpledapple:

And finally, hularac gives us a picture of Peaches and Cream (top) and Confetti:

On to the finished!