Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Group Challenge Completed!

Earlier this year, Shandeh challenged the Oddball groups to knit two special theme blankets: Genius and Superheroes. We took her up on that challenge and had some pretty terrific results.

Genius was knit using red, black, and white yarn. The idea behind this color scheme is that these high-contrast colors are meant to stimulate visual development in babies. Here it is pre-border:

and post-border:

Knitters on this blanket were:
bugsyblacklab (border)

With Supherheroes we were asked to incorporate some of our favorite comic book character colors:

Knitters on this blanket were:
mspwrz ~ Captain America
bailchri ~ Batman
dimpledapple ~ Spiderman
bpeatknits ~ The Hulk
glowyone ~ Superman
krismorales ~ Green Lantern
kae1crafts (border) ~ Wonder Woman

It was a lot of fun to work on these blankets, and it was especially fun to see what each knitter came up with for their section. Thanks for the challenge, Shandeh!

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